Hundreds of college students and activists will be rallying in New Jersey against climate change on Sunday morning, before traveling to New York to join the People's Climate March.

Ian Waldie, Getty Images

The demonstrations will occur at train stations in New Brunswick, Newark, and Trenton.

Hundreds of students from Rutgers and other colleges are expected to rally in favor of addressing climate issues. They will then board trains en masse to be part of the march in New York.

The People's Climate March, which coincides with the start of the United Nations Climate Summit, is expected to be the largest climate change event in United States history.

The preceding rallies in New Jersey not only serve to prepare marchers for a long day, but also put into focus issues that are important to the Garden State.

"The march is a huge national and international effort with hundreds of thousands of people expected from across the country and around the world, and part of it is to put a local face on this march and say, 'What are the issues facing New Jersey in particular from climate change?'" said Atid Kimelman, field organizer for Energy Action Coalition.

Kimelman said in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, there is more awareness of environmental and climate issues in the state.

"Also, infrastructure from natural gas fracking and the new infrastructure being built in New Jersey is contributing to health concerns and environmental pollution," he said.

Over 950 organizations have endorsed the march in New York, and students from over 300 colleges and universities will be attending.

"We're not willing to sit on the sidelines of the climate crisis and wait for our leaders to act," Kimelman said. "We're demanding action."