So now it’s dogs and cats…and pretty soon it will be gerbils.

We’re all being admonished to buckle up.

Just like we were back in the day when the “buckle up” campaign first started.

See if this little ditty doesn’t resonate in your head for the next day or so!

Personally I never saw the reasoning behind not doing it, and never understood why, when we cherish our pets so much, more of them aren’t put in any kind of restraint device.

But do we need a mandate from on high to “drive” (pun intended) the point home?

Humans's buckling up makes sense, and it’s already a law.

Buckling down your pet makes sense as well, but does it need to be mandated?

The MVC is partnering with the SPCA to remind vehicle owners that the famous “click it or ticket” policy doesn’t just apply to humans, but also to any unrestrained pets.
MVC Chairman Ray Martinez says that your dog or cat (or any other animal for that matter) shouldn’t be riding on the lap of the driver and they shouldn’t be left un restrained on a seat.

“What happens to a dog is the same thing that would happen to a person. If there is an accident that pet goes flying and becomes a projectile.”
He notes that while having a puppy or kitten on your lap might look cute, it actually is putting both the animal and the person at a significant risk.

In New Jersey if the SPCA catches a driver improperly driving with an animal the vehicle operator could face big trouble. Fines run from 250 dollars to 1000 dollars for each offense, in addition police officers who stop drivers can also right those tickets and the driver can be charged with a Disorderly Person’s offense under the state’s Animal Cruelty Statute.

Martinez asks anyone who sees any kind of maltreatment of pets to contact the SPCA at 1800 582 5979.

Dime out your neighbors when Daisy’s head’s out the window.

Honestly, does it need to go that far?

The specter of your "fur baby" flying coming at your head at 70 mph should be enough to put her in a restraint…and anything else for that matter.