We humans certainly wouldn't want to drink nasty old water.  It's even more vital that pets avoid bad water.

Getty Images/Fred Morley

Here are 10 reasons to keep your dog's or cat's bowl filled with fresh water...

1.  Water makes up 60% of the human body.  H2O is 80% of your pet's body.

2.  Water helps your pet's circulation and digestion.  It's the basis for all the processes your pet's body needs for it to function.

3.  Always keep your pet's bowl clean.  A dirty bowl will breed fungus and bacteria.

4.  If your pet's water is not fresh, they may not drink it or not drink enough.

5.  If your pet drinks stale water they are just as susceptible to disease as humans.

6.  Water is just as important as food.  This is especially true during the warmer months when it's important for your pet to keep cool.

7.  Most tap water contains additives that may be harmful to your pet.  It's not a good idea for them to ingest chlorine, fluoride, or lead.

8.  Unfiltered water can contain parasites.

9.  When water is left out, it loses oxygen.

10.  If your pet loses 10% of their body water it may cause serious illness or death.

Those of us who've owned a pet know they give us unconditional love.

So just take a few minutes everyday to make sure they always have a bowl of nice, clean, fresh water.

If it's filtered or better yet, spring water, they'll really appreciate it!