With the thermometer pushing 70 degress at high noon in New Jersey, this, without a doubt, is the day to be "stringing up the lights!"

Alan Kaspar promised us this day, way back on Wednesday!  So, if you're going to be decorating your house and or yard for Christmas, why wait for 12 degrees and snow to get started?  THIS is the day.

"FedEx Pat" and "Cornershow Bob" have been listening to Alan, and planning accordingly.  Lately, both have been looking at their homes, with visions of Christmas lights galore dancing in their heads.  Bob and Pat went so far as to sit in Bob's front yard the other night, in "director's chairs," discussing their visions over a few adult beverages. As I say, its a friendly rivalry.

Leading up to the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, there is always great anticipation of the big lightshow to come...

Today, its ON!

FedEx Pat tells me that his annual white-light estravaganza should be completed by tomorrow (Sunday) night.  Pictures to come! And, feel free to check back often...as Cornershow Bob adds to his display right up to the big day, Christmas Day.  To steal the tagline from VH-1, "Watch and discuss."

Thus starts a yearly traditon that I and my neighbors (and PSE&G) look forward to!

Yes...Clark Griswold would be proud.