"Cornershow Bob" lights up the night. (Craig Allen photo)

Last weekend, the competition was...lacking.  Now, its ON!

Each Christmas season, two of my neighbors wage a friendly competition to see who has the most lights, and the best display on their homes, and in their front yards.  The rest of us in the 'hood look forward to the light show each year...and we know better than to enter the fray! So to speak, we all know that we can't hold a...bulb...to "FedEx Pat" or "Cornershow Bob." 

Last weekend, in the 70 degree weather, Pat fired the opening salvo.  By Sunday night, his 2011 display was up for all to see.  Bob's front yard was...a little dark.  But now, all has changed.

I have to admit that my photos do not do "Cornershow Bob's" display justice.  There are just so many lights, that in night-time photos, all the light and color blend together.  Like "FedEx Pat's" display, my pictures merely give you an idea.  But, what an idea!  And, Bob adds to his display, right up to Christmas Day!  So, check back, and check often, for photo updates.

Thanks, guys, for sharing your Christmas spirit with the neighborhood...and through nj1015.com...the state...and world!

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