It's a gorgeous weekend, here, in New Jersey.  Great timing for picking the perfect Christmas tree.  There are several important things you should know for choosing and maintaining your tree.  The needles should be shiny and green.  The needles should never fall off when you touch them.  If any part of the tree is brown, move on to another selection.  This is the most important tip.  Avoid placing your tree near a heat source, such as a window, heater, or fireplace.  Next, carefully choose the height and width.  You'll want the tree to fit nicely into the space you choose.  Once you get your tree home, place it into a bucket of water so it won't begin to dry out before it goes into the tree stand.  While we're on the subject of tree stands, make sure your stand will be sturdy enough to support the tree.  Always, I repeat, always keep the stand filled with plenty of water.  From personal experience, if you want to keep it simple, you may think about purchasing an artificial Christmas tree.  Prices and options run the gamut.  Sizes run from a two foot table topper up to a floor standing twelve footer.  The artificials are sold with or without lights.  There is a drawback with lighted trees.  The strings of lights are permanently attached to the branches.  After a year or two, if a string goes bad, there'll be a large unlit void on your beautiful bush.  Whatever you decide, keep it safe and enjoy!  By the way, to get you in the spirit, while you trim your tree, listen to all your holiday favorites and Christmas classics on New Jersey 101.5.