We haven't even carved the turkey in the Scott household, but the debate is raging over how to decorate the house for Christmas.

Why not, the lights and various accoutrement have been in stores since before Halloween. Every time we go to Home Depot the kids are begging me to get the biggest air blown inflatable we can find.

When I was married, such things were verboten in our house. White lights only. No blinking. No inflatables.

Forgive me if the kids and I take things a little to the extreme now. Colored lights will most definitely be a part of the decor, and there will be inflatables, we just cant decide which ones.

There is also the debate over a real or artificial tree. I haven't had a real tree in years. My youngest and I are both allergic to pine trees, so having one in our house has been an issue. I can't, however, abide some of the cheap fakes, but a really good one costs as much as snowblower.

I suspect, in the end, it wont be hard too hard for Santa to find our house.

It'll be the one with the flashing colored lights, Homer Simpson in an elf hat, and an inflatable Santa dropping his pants to moon the neighbors.