Shane MacCary is happy to have his stolen Christmas decorations back — but said some of them may be broken.

Ocean Township Police identified three 17-year old boys as the thieves seen on a surveillance video taking 15 decorations off the lawn of MacCary's Timber Drive home early Sunday morning.

MacCary told New Jersey 101.5 he picked up the decorations on Wednesday night and was in the process of checking each one for damage. He can already see that some of the decorations are damaged and will not be able to return to the display.

MacCary said he received a call from Ocean Township Police that the decorations had been recovered but did not know where they were found. He was not aware of who the boys — one from Long Branch and two from Brooklyn — were. Earlier, MacCary said he was simply looking for the items to be returned in tact and an apology from the boys.

Ocean Township Police have not yet responded to an email seeking further comment.

Charges against the boys, who were not identified by police, will be forwarded to the Monmouth County Family Division Court in Freehold for disposition.

The light display is a labor of holiday spirit for MacCary, who each year puts together the light display that uses 68,000 lights that attracts visitors from all over the Jersey Shore. It takes MacCary two weeks to put up, and is all pulled together by 64 channels of computer control. The lights even have their own Facebook page.

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