Good Morning !  I hope you've got the station on this weekend either on your radio or on your RadioPup mobile app and you are enjoying the great Christmas Music that we are playing .  

Can you believe that Christmas Eve is only TWO WEEKS from today ?  So many things to do between now and then --including baking cookies !

I started baking ( and eating !) Christmas cookies with my dear grandma way back when.   Although she is long gone now I am comforted by the great memories that we shared -- and the RECIPES !!

So for us it's   four types -- SNOWBALLS, Cream Cheese Based Wreaths and Trees,  Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter.  Our kids love to help make em and eat em ( wonder where they get that from?)   So its baking tomorrow at the Williams house .

How about you ? When do you start baking and what are your family's favorites?