"This was going to be for your birthday...but we didn't have enough Christmas presents for you, so, now its for Christmas!"

Tough words for a small child.  And, yes, my parents (and grandparents, etc) kept a strict gift count.

And, why is it that everyone gets to open gifts on MY birthday, but I don't get to open any gifts on THEIR special day?

This is a question that every kid with a Christmas Birthday eventually gets to.  I was no exception.

I believe it was around my 8th or 9th birthday that my parents came up with a temporary solution:  the HALF birthday. On June 25th that year, I was given a present (a typewriter), and a cake.  And, the day was all mine.  Once.  I tried to forget that my father had just had a "birthday party" 5 days before.

Like fellow Christmas Birthday friends (Happy Birthday to Christine and Jill!), I've gotten over it.

And, I certainly don't tack a "half" onto the total birthdays I've enjoyed! Truthfully, I'm in denial.