Not a good look for the Governor, but as an Italian American, I didn’t take offense at the unflattering portrait of the Governor on the cover of Time with the caption “The Boss”.

Actually I kind of liked it, but I may be the minority opinion…at least among my Italian American peers.

According to a report:

The issue, to be released Friday, shows a head shot of a glaring Christie above a headline calling him “The Boss” and lauding him “the master of disaster.” The cover was repeatedly mentioned by news anchors during Christie’s slew of Wednesday morning television appearances contrasting his model of bipartisan governing to gridlock in Washington — a theme that featured prominently in his State of the State address Tuesday.

Time Magazine’s move drew criticism from Andre’ DiMino, president of the Italian American One Voice Coalition, for what he said was the magazine’s portrayal of Christie as a mobster.

“It was so blatant that they were giving us that tried-and-true and tiring message: Here’s the connection between Governor Christie and the mob,” DiMino said, pointing to the headline. “Italian-Americans are the last ethnicity where it’s OK to do this type of stereotyping to.”

Christie is of Italian-American descent, and DiMino’s group has frequently spoken out against what it views as negative portrayals of Italian-Americans in the media. It vocally criticized popular shows, including The Sopranos and the Jersey Shore.

But Christie played down the significance of the cover story in an appearance on Imus in the Morning, joking the portrait of him wasn’t flattering.
“I’m reporting Time Magazine to, like, the anti-Italian defamation league,” he joked.

He JOKED…get it…he JOKED, and he was the butt of the joke!

I understand where Mr. DiMino is coming from, having had a conversation on air with him one time about pretty much the same thing.

He was telling me that in doing business with some clients out of state, some would reference shows like “The Sopranos” and hint if perhaps he had somewhat of the same outlook, which, he felt, hindered his ability to conduct his business.

I told him, in answer to that, that the problem lied with those who believe the stereotype.

Hence, I take no offense at the Governor’s portrayal on the cover of Time.
If any, what's your problem with it?