TRENTON (AP) — Gov. Chris Christie's response to a Cub Scout's question could lead a judge to order the governor's office to release details about the cost of his security detail.

Charlie Tartaglia, 7, of Hasbrouck Heights Cub Scout Troop 17, listens to an answer to a question he asked Governor Chris Christie during his 135th Town Hall in Hasbrouck Heights (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Christie in April gave details about his security after 7-year-old scout Charlie Tartaglia asked Christie how many bodyguards he had because the boy said he wanted to do that when he grows up. Christie's office posted the response on YouTube.

The Record reports one of the viewers was the judge who has heard arguments from Christie's office that releasing security details would compromise Christie's safety.

In court, Judge Mary Jacobson said she was "very troubled." The judge said may order the administration to release a log of all food, travel and lodging expenses charged by his guards.

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