Being blunt is something we all pride ourselves on here.

It’s in our DNA. Hence when Governor Christie speaks about anything, you can bet it’s going to be from the heart, and a good many times will not mince words.

Refreshing for a politician, especially in the era of “political correctness” where everything you say is analyzed and overanalyzed by the media.

Refreshing yes, but will it play in Peoria?

Why “Peoria?”, or for that matter, anywhere outside the Garden State in particular and the Northeast in general.

Because out there in the great “beyond”, they’re not used to our brand of frankness.

Cases in point, as pointed out by this:

Gov. Chris Christie has famously derided critics as idiots, jerks and “numbnuts” and excoriated Democrats in the Legislature and Republicans in Congress.
But a solid majority of New Jerseyans are convinced the Republican governor still has the chops to be president, according to the latest Monmouth University/Asbury Park Press Poll.

Fifty-six percent of New Jersey residents think Christie has the right temperament to be president — and 63 percent are convinced he wants to make a run at the job in 2016.
“I hope he runs,” said Kathleen Brady of Belmar. “But my fear for him is I don’t know if he plays well outside of this area. Those of us from New Jersey get it, but I wonder when people in Iowa see him how they might respond.”

Forty percent said they think Christie already is planning his White House campaign, while another 23 percent said they think he wants to run but hasn’t decided or isn’t sure of his decision. In interviews with poll respondents, fans and foes alike said they wonder how Christie’s blunt persona will be received beyond the Garden State.

And I would agree with them as to how, as I noted above, it’ll play in “Peoria!”

But it is time! Time for someone with the “coglioni” to take the helm of the most powerful office on earth. And as for temperament, that’ll make for an interesting presidency should it come to pass.

Imagine the Governor dealing with the Washington press corps, bottled water in hand, wiping the side of his nose, as he contemplates the most descriptive adjective to use on a reporter asking an inane question.

It would make for great theater; and a very interesting 4 or 8 years – depending on whether or not the people decide to reelect him after a first term.

But “Peoria” is a tough sell, and somehow I think the world beyond the Delaware isn’t ready for a Garden State of mind inside the beltway.