Governor Christie said its time to put the issue to rest over who was more accurate regarding revenue projections for the state.

At at press conference at the State House, Christie said the non-partisan Office of Legislative Services (OLS) owes him an apology for putting out inflated revenue projections to help democrats.

"The bigger picture here is that the Democrats had hundreds of millions of dollars more than OLS said would be in there. We are $210 million below what we projected and imagine if we had gone and spent based on their projections. We would have to go and impound already authorized funds to make sure we had a balanced budget for fiscal year 2012. This is the typical Democratic approach to budgeting…spend now, worry later."

Christie said he's hoping for an apology from OLS for their "misguided projections."

"I will continue to say this because I believe it , it was politically motivated projections because the democratic majority wanted it to be that way, and OLS because they are the handmaidens for the majority, put out what is clearly inappropriate projections."

Christie said he's hopeful that the weather is what's causing the problems and that the state will regain the revenue by year's end.

"But, I hope the Democrats are thinking about what budget cuts they are willing to make if this shortfall continues because we are not going to be raising taxes."