The 2016 presidential elections aren't that far away, and it's got us thinking about who deserves our vote. Which of these two potential candidates would get your vote?

In a bloody presidential brawl to the death, who would win: Chris Christie or Donald Trump? Okay, so announcing your presidential candidacy isn't the same thing as a violent brawl, but wouldn't it be a little more entertaining if it were?

Look, we know that Governor Christie isn't doing so well in the polls right now, but we think he's still heading toward a presidential run anyway. Though he hasn't officially announced anything yet, most signs are pointing to yes.

Another viable New Jersey candidate who has huge name recognition is Donald Trump, the business magnate whose name is plastered all over Atlantic City and TV shows like "The Apprentice," it's clear that Mr. Trump has unparalleled business experience.

There are a lot of names that come up when you think of potential Republican candidates, but these are the two Jersey candidates that we think have a shot at the big title of president. Since both figures are considered polarizing characters, we wanted to know which one you'd vote for if it came down to the wire with just these two opponents. Yeah, we know some of you like Rand Paul or Jeb Bush or whatever, but just pick between these two!

Judi admitted that while Governor Christie is fun to hang out with, she thought that Trump's incredible business background made him a shoo-in as president. Dennis had other ideas, though. He thinks that Christie's experience as governor is much more relevant to the job as president. What do you think? Answer our poll below.