Governor Chris Christie knew he'd have a tough crowd in Paterson today, but that was the site of his 102nd town hall meeting since taking office. An overflow crowd wanted to hear what the Governor had to say at St. Luke's Baptist Church.

Christie broke the ice right away by joking about the fact that he only received 11 percent of voters' support in the 2009 gubernatorial election.

Governor Chris Christie holds his 102nd Town Hall at St. Luke Baptist Church in Paterson, N.J. (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

"You're Governor here knocked it out the park. I got 2,213 votes," the Governor exclaimed. "Not bad, right? Except when you look at Governor Corzine, who got 17,334 votes."

Despite Christie's extremely slim chances of winning in Democratic strongholds like Paterson and Jersey City, he campaigned in those cities during 2009. He said his decision was questioned by fellow Republicans.

"I said, 'Of course I know I'm not going to win there, but I'm going to win.' And when I do, I want all those folks to know that I'm their governor too," Christie explained.

Christie is shooting for a second term this year. He said he'll continue to visit cities like Paterson, and if he gets 12 percent of the vote, it'll be "a triumph."

Much of Christie's speech, as well as several questions from the crowd, focused on Paterson's failing schools.