Governor Christie traveled to Morris County for a town hall in Denville today.

Titled, the "Jersey Comeback Has Begun" Christie gave his usual remarks about where the state has been and where it is now since he first took office.

"We have 60,000 new private sector jobs since I took office...we have made the size of state government smaller. We are doing the big things that need to be done" Christie told a standing-room only crowd at Morris County Vocational School in Denville.

The republican governor continued to push for passage of his 10% across the board income tax cut plan that he outlined during his State of the State address last month.

"Don't be fooled with things Democrats are telling you about who's going to get what...this is everyone in the state getting money back...everyone..and I will be pushing hard for this over the next four months."

Christie compared Democrats' criticism that his plan is overspending the state's money by a billion dollars to their plan to add a billion dollars into the state budget last year. "Its funny when they want to add a billion into budget and its your money...they call it investment...but when I want to give you some of your money back...and let it be known this plan will cost a billion dollars over three years...when I want to do it they call it fiscally irresponsible. It doesn't make sense."

During the question and answer session, Christie was hit with a variety of topics including gay marriage, medical marijuana and unemployment.