New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has vetoed new contracts for employees of the bistate agency that runs a bridge and ferries between southern New Jersey and Delaware.

Gov. Chris Christie during the April Ask the Governor program (YouTube)

The Republican governor says the Delaware River and Bay Authority was out of line this month when it agreed to give annual 1.9 percent raises to union and non-union employees while keeping their health insurance premium costs unchanged.

During Monday night's "Ask the Governor" program, a Port Authority employee named Mike called Christie to complain about not getting a raise since 2005. "We've been very tough on everybody when it comes to raises because of the tough financial situation we're in." He pointed out that he turned what he called "large raises" for the Pinelands Commission and is trying to be "consistent throughout government" when it comes to approving raises.

The authority contract called for employees to continue paying 10 percent of the cost of their health insurance premiums. Christie says that many other public workers in New Jersey are expected to pay 20 percent starting July 1.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.