As Trenton Democrats hashed out a budget plan to deliver to Governor Christie's desk, what was the Governor doing to pass the time?  Tweeting his favorite Bruce Springsteen songs, of course.

Speculation grew throughout Thursday that a marathon budget session was in store for Democrats, following voting sessions.  The Governor cannot act on any budget plan until it is handed over to him.

At around noon, Christie fired off a tweet saying, "What is your favorite Springsteen song?  My top ten list coming throughout the day."

Almost immediately after, The Governor kept his promise by tweeting, "Thunder Road #BruceTop10."  Thunder Road is, of course, his favorite Springsteen song.

It set off about 5 hours of periodic tweets as Christie ran through songs like  "Prove It All Night," "Because the Night," "Born To Run," before ending with "Spirit in the Night."

The light-hearted tweets were all in good fun during a tense budget afternoon in Trenton, and also served as a way for the Governor to discuss an article feature on him done by The Atlantic Magazine.  The story, which is very well-done, served as a way to discuss Christie's politics, his love of Springsteen's music, and the frosty relationship with the Boss.

Christie attended a Bruce show at the Prudential Center with the author of the story, Jeffrey Goldberg, who got to see the Governor first-hand at his 129th Boss show.

The Governor also tried to put the bed the rumors that he fell asleep during a Springsteen concert at Madison Square Garden.

Assembly Democrats head back to the State House today at 10AM to try and reach a compromise on a budget plan, while the Governor holds a rare Friday Town Hall in Readington.

You can imagine Christie will have a lot to say at today's event, as the process in Trenton plays out ahead of his Town Hall.

Thursday afternoon's tweets provided a light-hearted break from the budget rhetoric for Governor Christie (who I'm sure was very hard at work during the periodic tweets), but today it is back on road and to the exhaustive schedule he has kept since taking office.

His top ten tweets can be seen throughout this article, but can also be viewed here.

And for the record, I too am a huge Springsteen fan, though my concert totals dwarf the Governor's list.  Christie's list is pretty solid, but I am partial to "Backstreets" as my favorite.