You'll probably be seeing lots of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and President Obama costumes this Halloween and I always questioned the judgement of that. Could a Democrat really support someone dressed as a Republican candidate and so on. Worse yet, what if someone came to your door whose approval rating was in the twenties and recently signed a bill raising the gas tax 23 cents? I posed the question "What would you give someone who came to your door wearing a Governor Christie costume?" I even dressed him in a clown suit!

Michael would give him his gas bill.

Danny would give him an EZ pass.

Kellie is going orange jumpsuit.

Keith said the George Washington bridge.

Terry says a knuckle sandwich.

Paul suggests prozac.

Eric would kick him in the nuts and slam the door on him.

Ron went with handcuffs on his wrists.

Chris and Kurt would give the Governor dog crap.

Joe says a Hillary Clinton bobblehead.

Daniel would give him anything he wants!

Tim says he'd just love to meet him.

What would you give Governor Christie if he showed up at your door trick or treating?

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