It’s been a foregone conclusion that Governor Christie was to give the Keynote address at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

So the news this morning didn’t seem all that surprising.

And we’re pretty used to his giving speeches, albeit in town hall meeting settings, at press conferences, where he seems to be at his “Youtube” best and of course, before the Legislature.

The national stage may be a different story.

The Keynote Speech has been know to put the spotlight on the rising star of the party and possibly jettison him or her to national office should the opportunity arise.

As you can imagine, there are those on the opposite side of the aisle who are poo-pooing the choice…saying, in so many words how “full of it” his speech will be.

State Democrats immediately criticized the pick, calling the message Christie will likely give a fiction “and just one more insult from the governor to the people of this state”.

“He’ll tell a national audience a fairy tale about New Jersey, giving himself credit for things he didn't do and things that haven't happened yet,” said Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex), who is party chair.

“Don’t be fooled. His ‘Jersey Comeback’ is a myth. His three years in New Jersey have been a disaster. If Mitt Romney thinks Governor Christie's record should be highlighted as a model for this country, Americans should be very worried.”

The statement goes on to list what the party considers his failings, noting that at 9.6 percent state unemployment rate is 1.4 percent higher than the national average – the biggest disparity in more than three decades.

Christie has called the uptick a sign that residents are again beginning to look for work.

But his bombast and penchant for aiming tirades at the teacher union, lawmakers and residents who test his patience has kept him in the spotlight and endeared him to fellow Republicans.

Yet even though we may have heard it all before, wonks like us will watch just the same.

And, let's face it, convention coverage is tantamount to watching paint dry anyway.

Most everyday people will probably go about their business channel surfing looking to find the next episode of “Chopped”.

Is watching Governor Christie giving the GOP Keynote Address “must see TV?”