Sandy has made landfall in the state and the Jersey Shore is taking a beating, Governor Chris Christie told listeners on Townsquare Media's Ask the Governor program.

Governor Chris Christie comes in for a special Hurricane edition of Ask the Governor (Staff Photo)

In the opening segment of the show, reporter Stacy Proebstle gave a harrowing description of conditions in Seaside Heights from the top of a rooftop restaurant as Sandy raged.

"Sandy is slamming the shore, winds have definitely picked up substantially in the last half hour or so." Proebstle describes 20, 25 or 30 foot waves slamming over the boardwalk and into residential streets.

"We're seeing flying and floating debris, trees, downed wires and poles, roof shingles, major coastal flooding. The back bays are flooded as well. High winds, they're just really ripping against windows and doors here," Proebstle said.

Governor Chris Christie said that the storm hit further south than expected, sparing North Jersey some river flooding. Then came the bad news...

"But the news along the Jersey Shore is awful," Christie said. "We still don't know the extent of the damage, cause the extent of the damage isn't done."

The Governor said he hopes to make an assessment of the Jersey Shore damage as soon as tomorrow morning.

He explained, "So far at least, a good portion of the state has been spared some of the worst of what we thought. But the Jersey Shore has really taken a beating, and is going to continue taking a beating tonight and into the evening."