Maybe it was inevitable. But the Christie-Springsteen bromance seems to be over.

Or at least it's getting a little less, well, bromantic.

It was always a bit one-sided anyway. But the same boisterous governor who in a 2102 Sandy recovery press conference hugged the Boss and announced after "He told me, 'It's official; we're friends'" declined to identify Springsteen with the same F-word on Fox News' Hannity Tuesday night.

Host Sean Hannity asked whether Bruce Springsteen gets jealous Christie gives so much love to Springsteen. Christie told Hannity it's not a problem. Bon Jovi's a friend.

"Bruce, I know; Jon, I'm friends with."

Bruce, I know. Cold, Chris.

This is the same governor who the night before lip-synced to Born in the U.S.A. on the Tonight Show. The same governor who did a duet with host Jimmy Fallon to "Thunder Road back in 2012."

The same governor hired the B Street Band (a popular Jersey Springsteen cover act) to play his inauguration, because the genuine article didn't want to take part. The Star-Ledger captured that very special moment on video:

It's not like Bruce has fawned over Chris the way Chris has fawned over Bruce. Remember this moment (also from the Tonight Show), when Fallon and the Boss — both all sorts of Born in the USAed up — poked fun at Bridgegate?

"You're killing the workin' man," Springsteen sang, "who's stuck in Governor Chris Christie's Fort Lee, New Jersey traffic jam."


And there have been signs Christie is moving away from Springsteen. When he launched his presidential campaign at Livingston High School in June, there was no Bruce blasting through the speakers. Bon Jovi — you know, his friend — played instead.

In a recent interview with LifeZette, both Chris Christie and wife Mary Pat were asked who they prefer: Springsteen or Bon Jovi. And it wasn't Bruce.

But maybe not all love is lost. Just last month, as Bruce's "Born to Run" hit 40, Christie looked back fondly on the "most powerful rock album of my lifetime."

"He gave voice to the suburban kids like me who were filled with dreams and doubts," Christie wrote. "He was one of us."

You'll always have the memories, guv.