Governor Christie is unlikely to approve Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver's jobs training bill, saying the state is not spending additional money when they are already short revenue collections for the year.

During a press conference in Camden, Christie was asked if he supports the "Back to Work NJ" bill that is moving through the legislature.

"I haven't spoken to Assembly Speaker Oliver about it. I read about it in the newspaper this morning."

The governor was quick to reinforce that the bill would cost $3 million that is not included in the budget. "The legislature likes to spend money...but here's the context. This is a legislature and an OLS that said we we're going to have a few million dollars more than what I projected and put up a big stink about it in June during the budget, just last week the treasurer came out and said we are $210 million behind what I we are simply not spending money in a supplemental way. If they want this done, they can come down here and talk to me and maybe there is something we can agree to."

Democrats have been critical of the governor's efforts to create more jobs, which Christie responds, "This grandstanding to say that they are doing something on jobs, I mean I have created 50,000 private-sector jobs since I took office, so that report I saw recently about the head of the state Democratic party saying I haven't done anything with jobs is false."

Christie says if Speaker Oliver wants to get this done, "she can pick up the phone and give me a call."