During his press conference announcing Attorney General Jeff Chiesa as an interim United States Senator to fill the late Frank Lautenberg's seat, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie referenced Jon Stewart's Daily Show comments about the special election.

Stewart dug up audio from 2009 in which Christie said that no responsible governor  would spend $10 million on a special election. "He chose the irresponsible....special election" said a flustered Stewart, describing the decision as a "self serving abuse of power."

The Lawrenceville native disagrees with Christie's reason for calling the special election: New Jersey needs an elected Senator as quickly as possible. He says the interim Senator will experience "three weeks of work in the Senate (which) is basically 28 lobbyist meet-and-greets, 14 days of old man smell acclimation, and 6 filibusters," he said.

Christie said of the segment "It was very funny. It was hysterical" but has nothing to do with the circumstances around Lautenberg.