Two Republican presidential hopefuls say they're outraged over Iran's detention of U.S. Navy soldiers.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says the sailors' temporary detention by Iran is "outrageous" and shows "how little they respect (Obama) and how weak this president truly is."

Speaking at a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Christie said on Wednesday that "this is why the American people are so nervous, why they are scared and anxiety-ridden over our place in the world and what it means for the purpose our own safety and the safety of our fellow citizens."

Also Wednesday, campaigning in South Carolina, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio said he was angry and outraged at the images broadcast of 10 U.S. sailors captured in the Persian Gulf by Iranian Revolution Guard forces.

Rubio says: "You know why these things happen? Because they know they can get away with it while President Barack Obama is in office."

He says that if elected, he plans to reverse the "ridiculous" nuclear deal with Iran.

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