Governor Christie made his return to the  microphones in New Jersey, holding an event in Bridgewater before addressing the media on numerous topics


  • Before we get to the Governor's topics today, NJ insurance companies are weighing in on the report you heard yesterday on NJ 101.5 of some towns charging emergency usage fees.
  • Governor Christie answered back to criticisms about a new report on his handling of the Hudson Rail Tunnel project.
  • Christie also addressed the report you've been hearing about on our airwaves about the controversial gift card issue.
  • A new poll out today shows whether New Jersey voters think the Governor will be on the Romney ticket, and if he could help the likely GOP candidate take down President Obama.
  • New Jersey is among the leaders in the burgeoning "app-economy."
  • New car prices and demand continue to rise.
  • A proposed airport runway will be subject to a hearing.
  • Wednesday's beach sweep lead to the collection of A LOT of garbage along the Jersey Shore.
  • The principal at the "No Hugging" middle school steps down.

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Wednesday's poll drew a lot of votes, and results flip flopped all day.  In the end, 60% said you would still be likely to call 911, even if you were going to be charged for it.




Courtesy Governor's Office