Governor Christie continued his town hall tour in Cumberland County, where a majority of those in attendance questioned him about the closure of catholic schools across the state. Outside the National Guard Armory in Vineland, parents and students held signs that read "Save Our Schools", concered over the impending closure of St. Mary's and Sacred Heart catholic schools nearby.

During the question and answer portion of his town hall, the first question was from a man who asked why so many were closing around the state.

Christie reiterated his support for the Opportunity Scholarship Act, which would give vouchers to students in failing districts to go to private schools.

"It allows tax credits for people to donate money to a fund that funds scholarships for kids to go to a private school in disadvantaged areas."

Christie blamed the reason it hasn't passed on legislators in urban areas of the state where this is needed most.

"They are under the absolute spell of the teacher's union and they will not give in...and as a result you are seeing catholic schools all over the state close...and we are losing an educational asset for us and a practical asset for us."

The governor said the bill is not anti-public schools. "Its about giving families another option...What about the single mother who is struggling that wants to give her child a different opportunity in life? She is the one that needs this the most."

Christie said he will continue to push legislators to try and get the Opportunity Scholarship Act in place.

I'm going to continue to fight to get it in place...because every day they delay another school is closing...and it might stay open with this."