Calling Chris Christie on Townsquare Media's Ask The Governor show can save you and your neighbors money!

Chris Christie on tonight's Ask the Governor program (PHOTO: David Matthau)

During last month's program, several callers from Monroe Township reached out to the Governor, and complained about their property taxes spiking dramatically - despite the state's 2 percent property tax cap.

At the time, the Governor promised to look into the matter, and then a week and a half ago, he announced the state Department of Community Affairs was ordering officials in Monroe to lower property taxes - by half a million dollars when new property tax bills are mailed out in November - because an investigation had found that indeed, they had improperly exceeded the cap.

On tonight's show, when Christie was asked by News Director Eric Scott if there would be similar investigations of other Garden state towns, he said "this is the kind of thing where the public can really help us- we can't have a police officer in every municipality, so to speak, but what we can do is respond when people tell us- and one thing the people of New Jersey know a lot about is their property tax bills, so I think it's great...this is the kind of thing I hope you expect from this show - which is, we really take serious questions here and I don't make up answers - so I said lets have our folks who are experts look into it - they looked into it, and they did it."

As you might imagine, when residents of Monroe Township learned their taxes were being lowered earlier this month, they were overjoyed.

"That would be great" said one shopper, "I'm sure that would benefit a lot of the residents here - it's very good news."

"I think it was high enough as it was" said a man standing nearby, "so yeah, they should lower it from what it was before that…the decrease is good news - it would be great if they lowered it from what it was before …I hope it works because our taxes are ridiculously high."

When the story broke, the Mayor and Township Council members in Monroe were asked to comment, but they declined.