SOUTH PLAINFIELD — Gov. Chris Christie says he's disappointed — but not too fazed — by the would-be new NJ Transit boss backing out.

According to several reports Thursday, William Crosbie, who was set to take over the agency next week, has decided he no longer wants the job. He's planning to keep his family in Virginia, where they currently live, according to the reports.

Christie, speaking Thursday outside the Motor Vehicle Commission office in South Plainfield (where he helped a mother get a permit replacement for her teen son), said Crosbie "told me face to face he was going to take the job. So i'm disappointed that he's had a change of heart."

"But that's OK," Christie said. "Better we find out now than later."

Christie said he'd rather have someone back out before starting then quit after — and that other qualified applicants had applied. Any executive director would have to be approved by NJ Transit's board of directors.

"My view on that, is if he was having second thoughts, better he have his second thoughts on someone else's dime, and not the New Jersey taxpayer's dime," Christie said.

But, the governor said, "when you say you accept a job and look somebody in the eye, I think it's important to keep your word. ... I think that's probably a warning for anybody else interviewing him for a job."

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