With Gov. Chris Christie saying his family is on-board for a White House bid, all that is left to decide is if he wants to run.

(AP Photo/Jim Cole)

"This is about me now," Christie told reporters of his decision-making process. "Mary Pat and the children are completely supportive if this is something I want to do."

Christie said he will make that decision in the days ahead with an announcement to follow this month.

"You have to decide, is this what you want to do with the next 10 years of your life?" he said. "And so no one should make that decision lightly. And I'm on my own time schedule to make that decision.

Meanwhile, Jeb Bush is expected to formally announce his bid on Monday.

Hillary Clinton is on a hiring spree.

She has staff in place in all of the early primary state, and at least, one campaign coordinator in every state.