It seems Governor Christie can’t do enough for Donald Trump, who he endorsed for the Republican nomination just days after he pulled out of the race. Christie left New Jersey to campaign for “The Donald” and now, with a transit strike looming, he has taken an “anniversary vacation” where it’s suspected he met up with his favorite candidate.

You have to ask “what’s in it for him?” There has been talk of Christie trying to work his way into the possible Trump administration. Maybe Vice President, maybe Attorney General, or maybe nothing at all. With Christie being someone that Trump trusts, it's conceivable that Trump would rely on Christie for advice should he get in the White House. They have been, as Christie says, friends for the past 14 years.

It would go against conventional wisdom for a New Yorker like Trump to pick a Jersey guy like Christie as his running mate, but then again, this whole Trump campaign has gone against conventional wisdom. Plus, you could make the case that the Governor’s waning popularity in New Jersey could cost him votes. I mean, if you can’t swing your own state, how are you going to pick up more?

Was Christie in Florida with Trump? I don’t know and personally I don’t care. He’s on vacation and he can do whatever he wants. If he was there, he wasn’t making a big deal about it. Though Trump made it a big deal by asking for him. It was almost as if Trump was throwing gasoline on the fire. Will he later burn the Governor if it comes time for appointments?

So what’s in it for Christie? Do you think there will be a pot of gold at the end of the Trump rainbow, or do you think he’s just being played? Comment below!

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