A relief fund to assist residents affected by Hurricane Sandy has been established by Governor Christie.

Governor Christie on the phone with President Obama during FEMA briefing (Twitter)

“New Jerseyans are not only tough and resilient – as we’ve already seen powerfully through the storm and initial recovery period – they are caring, generous and kind. Above all, we are a community and we take care of each other. As the recovery proceeds over the weeks and months, this fund will give us an avenue to collect and distribute those resources to our neighbors and communities and assist as many of our families as possible.”

The Hess Corporation and John Hess, a New Jersey native, have made the first major gift of $2.5 million to the relief fund. “His generous gift to the relief fund and his cooperation with his business competitors to meet their supply needs, in order to ease the strain on access to gasoline for the public, are extraordinary acts of caring for our state. We are grateful to John for stepping up in a big way during this recovery and setting an example for the rest of New Jersey.”

New Jersey First Lady Mary Pat Christie will chair the Fund.

Donations to the fund can be sent to:

Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund

PO Box 95

Mendham NJ 07945-0095

A website for the fund will be available soon.