The lame-duck session of the legislature kicked off Monday, and while both houses had an active agenda, Governor Chris Christie says its time to get the big things done before the end of the year.

Christie says the longer you wait, the less you can get done, "because then you have the special interests putting the brakes on everything you're trying to accomplish."

The governor wants to use the lame-duck to move things forward from last year's agenda, mainly his so-called tool-kit measures that would allow towns to opt-out of civil service requirements and end sick leave payout, and his education reform proposals which he introduced last January.

"The legislature has had the education reform package for almost a year, it's time to clean things up and get some stuff done before the end of the year."

Christie says he remains optimistic that bills will move forward with the help of Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver and Senate President Steve Sweeney.

"We are going to accomplish as much as we can, and then I will be setting new priorities for the state during the State of the State address on January 10th, maybe some of these bills will be a main focus and maybe some of them won't.