Now that the pundits are theorizing that Chris Christie has put Bridgegate behind him, the tour is on to rehab his image.

One way he’s done that is by appearing on a safe show like Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, where he joins Fallon in something called “The Evolution of Dad Dancing” – in honor of his being named “Father of the Year.”

However it’s not as though the soiree was without a few quips having to do with the Bridgegate affair – yet the Governor seemed more relaxed in the setting Fallon provided.

You can catch the routine here:

“Hypothetically, you run for president,” Mr. Fallon said. “Hypothetically, Hillary Clinton runs for president. Hypothetically, do you think you could beat her?”

“Hypothetically, you bet,” Mr. Christie replied. The audience whooped as he licked his upper lip.
“In a dance-off,” Mr. Fallon continued, lightening the mood.

“That’s what I was talking about,” the governor answered. “What were you talking about?”

We all think we know what he’s talking about.

Do you believe this was a de facto admission of a possible run for the Presidency in 2016?