What does Chris Christie have in common with New Jersey 101.5's Joe Votruba and Jeff Deminski? They're all huge Bruce Springsteen fans.

(News Director Eric Scott is decidedly not. More on that below.)

Christie rocked out hard, dancing, singing and fist-pumping at Springsteen's Aug. 25 show at MetLife Stadium, fist-pumping, singing, and dancing through record-breaking four-hour show. By all appearances, he had a great night (though maybe not as great as the couple who got engaged during "Jersey Girl").

It's not the first time Christie's been caught on camera enjoying Bruce as only The Boss' biggest fan can. Check him out here in April, when Springsteen brought "The River Tour" to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn:

“He knew every word to every song,” Billboard writer Michele Amabile told New Jersey 101.5 at the time. She said that he was “going out of his mind” during “Rosalita” and proved himself to be a real “Springsteen super fan.”

We know not all of you appreciate Springsteen on quite that level. In fact, only about half of you are voting "rocks" in our ongoing poll: