Governor Chris Christie continued his "middle class reform agenda" during his 94th town hall in South Amboy today.

Stacy Proebstle, Townsquare Media

Christie says tax relief, ethics reform, ending sick leave payouts for public employees and shared services remain top priorities.

"Here we are today, 80 days after I changed the tax relief bill to what the Senate President wanted, he supports it, I support it, yet nothing has been done...nothing to guarantee you a tax cut come January 1st" Christie told the crowd of more than 300 at the South Amboy YMCA.

"We need to make this state more affordable or people are going to leave" he said.

The Christie administration says legislative inaction by the democrats on a tax relief proposal  is costing New Jersey taxpayers roughly $775 that they could be using to support their families.

The governor also spent a majority of the town hall on ending sick leave payouts for public employees once they retire.

"The legislature needs to come in and pass the zero means zero bill and end the $250,000 boat checks these folks are getting on their way out the door."

"These are common sense things that the Senate President and I agree on, its take to get the Assembly on board, come in to Trenton and vote on these bills" Christie said.

Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington) has said Christie is pursuing an agenda that seeks to misinform rather than reform.

“Actions speak louder than words, and Gov. Christie’s actions show he is no friend to the middle-class. Whether it’s overseeing soaring property taxes and unemployment, stripping away support for women’s health care or rejecting a tax break for seniors, Gov. Christie has made clear the middle-class is not his priority.”