Governor Chris Christie says prescription drug abuse has become an enormous problem in New Jersey and he will continue to crack down on those who are exploiting the system.

Calling addiction a treatable disease, the governor told Dawn from Burlington County about his plan to require treatment for non-violent criminals that have a drug dependence.

"We have to give them a second chance...because if we don't they are only going to get worse," Christie said during the question and answer portion of his latest town hall in Roebling.

"It not only saves lives and makes these individuals productive members of society, but it saves taxpayer dollars, almost $24,000 a's really a win-win."

Christie also said more pressure needs to be placed on the federal government to put strict warning labels on prescription drugs.

"People need to realize how powerful and dangerous these drugs can be...and I know how hard it is for people who have gotten hooked on them to get off...I think that's why we need this treatment program."

Christie also said the state Attorney General's office is working with the Board of Medical Examiners to bring more disciplinary action to doctors.

"These physicians that give out prescription drugs like candy need to have their licenses pulled and so that's what we're looking into doing across the state."