Gov. Christie today conditionally vetoed a bill that would have banned businesses from looking at their workers' Facebook accounts, saying it needs some tweaking before he can sign it into law.


Christie supports the views of The New Jersey Lawsuit Reform Alliance, which had urged lawmakers not to allow lawsuits in state courts. The bill that passed had such a provision. Gov. Christie felt that painted too broad a brush in preventing employers from asking job candidates about their social networking expertise.

Christie still supports the main part of the bill, which would prohibit employers from requesting or demanding employees' social-media usernames or passwords, with a top fine of $2500 for repeater offenders. It would only apply to personal accounts.

The bill now goes back to the assembly, where sponsor John Burzichelli said he is continuing to talk to the Governor's office regarding the bill.

Should employers or prospective employers be allowed to look at your social-media output even if you don't want them to?