Governor Christie has met with the Jersey lawmaker he called a "numbnuts" a couple of weeks ago - during the debate over whether gay marriage should be put on the ballot or not.

Assemblyman Reed Gusciora says "it was really a productive meeting and very cordial, and I think we agreed to disagree on the marriage equality issue - but we both are trying to forge a way to go forward from here.'

He says the "numbnuts" comment "didn't really bother me - it's a term of endearment that I've been before- certainly my college roommates used to call me that…I didn't expect an apology, again I did think it was just a harmless moniker and something that some would argue is a step up from what I've been called by other people."

Gusciora adds "in addition to discussing marriage equality we also talked about other pressing issues… such as the city of Trenton - how we move forward to discuss crime issues as well as education opportunities for the kids in Trenton…it was a good opportunity - any time an individual legislator can sit down with the Chief Executive and feel them out and try to forge better relationships for down the road."

He also says "I didn't ask for an apology and I think we discussed civil rights comparison - I still am of the sentiment that segregation issues or civil rights issues should not be on the ballot…the Governor said he would veto the same sex marriage bill if it's passed by the Legislature - I wouldn't expect him to do anything less - what I would like to see is the republicans vote their conscience - I'd like to see it be approved with bipartisan support."

Video by Dino Flammia