Speaking on NJ 101.5's Ask the Governor program Tuesday night, Gov. Chris Christie said he's confused by Sen. President Steve Sweeney's recent proposal to make pension payments constitutionally required. He challenged Sweeney to call into the program and set the record straight.

Gov. Christie on Ask the Governor (Kira Buxton, Townsquare Media NJ)

"This is the most fiscally irresponsible thing that anyone in the state's proposed," Christie said. "To do this is outrageous; it's outrageous and wrong."

Christie referred to Sweeney as a friend and a partner in controlling costs related to public employees, and suggested this idea goes against all of that.

"I'm confused by his proposal now because I had no greater partner, and quite frankly, we've been fiscally responsible together," Christie told host Eric Scott.

If the proposal were to become reality, Christie said, it would just become an enormous tax increase for New Jersey residents.

The pension system is currently underfunded by tens of billions of dollars.

Later in the program, Christie challenged Sweeney to call in live and tell the public where the extra money would be coming from.

"If you call in right now, I'll take your call right now," Christie exclaimed. "Which taxpayer is he going to rip off in order to pay homage to the public sector worker union bosses who own you?"