The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission has approved a request by Gov. Chris Christie’s re-election campaign to raise new funds from donors to help offset legal costs as a result of subpoenas issued in the Bridgegate probes.

Kena Betancur, Getty Images

“It’s restricted and limited to responding to the subpoenas from the U.S. Attorney and the legislative committee,” said ELEC executive director Jeff Brindle following today’s meeting. “They can only use the money in terms of responding to these subpoenas. They cannot use the money for any other purpose.”

The campaign has been issued subpoenas in connection with investigations into the unannounced George Washington Bridge access lane closures in Fort Lee in September. Democrats on a joint legislative panel probing the issue are concerned the lane closures which caused massive traffic jams were ordered to punish Fort Lee’s Democratic mayor who refused to endorse Christie’s re-election campaign.

“I want to emphasize also that there’s no public money that’s involved here,” Brindle said. “It’s only private dollars.”

The campaign is permitted to raise as much money as it can. Private donors can contribute a maximum $3,800. Any cash raised, but not used for the purpose of responding to the subpoenas must be placed in the State’s general fund.