Some tough questions for Governor Christie during a town hall in Morris County.

Susan from Bayonne told Christie her husband is sick and needs medical marijuana treatment. She asked if Christie could offer incentives for towns to approve medical pot farms and dispensaries.

Christie said his original idea was to place alternative treatment centers in hospitals, but that's not part of the bill the democrat-controlled legislature passed.

"They are playing with your emotions...saying...we passed the now its up to the governor to implement it. Well it was a flawed bill and we are seeing it with the way that these towns are rejecting these facilities all over the state."

Christie said he realizes its an issue that affects many residents. "I know there are sick people that need this and so thats why I put aside my feelings towards it and decided to implement it, but the legislature should have thought about all of this before they put forth this lousy bill. Its been nothing but headaches and so now here we are two years later."

He said it would not incentivize towns to put in alternative treatment centers and he will also not force towns to take them. "Businesses are going to have to make it attractive to a municipality...and there are ways to do that...but I will not shove these facilities down the throats of towns and residents that don't want them there."

So far towns in the southern, central and northern parts of the state all rejected proposed medical marijuana dispensaries and farms. Christie said the only town that he knows so far that has approved one is Montclair. "Maybe they will become the medical marijuana capital of the state...where everyone goes to get their treatment..who knows."