In a lighter moment at last night's final gubernatorial debate before the election the candidates were asked what their favorite Jersey convenience store was. Governor Chris Christie said he was a Wawa guy, explaining that his wife Mary Pat was a south Jersey girl outside of Philadelphia when they met and that many of their first dates included stopping by a Wawa to grab some snacks. Senator Barbara Buono told the crowd her convenience store of choice is 7-Eleven.

I don't get it. Is this just me? If I need something from a convenience store, the only thing I care about is where's the closest one to where I am right at that moment. I have no allegiance. They all seem fine to me. Quick Chek, Wawa, 7-Eleven, Krauszer's, makes no difference.

Is this because I'm not a coffee drinker? And also because I don't tend to get the hot foods prepared by these various stores? So what I'm running in for is going to be the same off-the-shelf stuff no matter where that shelf is. I guess that's why.

After the debate moderator brought this up I got curious if most people do indeed have a favorite.

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