Governor Christie says there's no way he'll agree to a democratic proposal to allow public sector workers to collect up to 75 hundred dollars in bonus money for unused sick days when they retire. Addressing the issue at a town hall meeting in Spotswood, the Governor asked members of the public who agree with him to log on to nj-dot-gov, and click on the Legislature icon to find out their state representative and then "click on their email address - the email thing will pop up - send em an email - and just say real simple - sick pay - zero means zero - that's it…I know it's Christmas, I know you've got a lot of other things to do - I know New Years is coming, but if you just start sending these folks emails - just say on sick pay - zero means zero - believe me, they'll get the idea of what you mean. "

Christie said "we need to start telling these legislators - you're the special interest they need to be looking out for- not anybody else- you're the one who's paying this bill…there are lots of things in government that are complicated that we try to fix, and that sometimes you don't pick the right solution- this isn't complicated - this one's easy…this one's been hanging around for a year now - so I'm starting to get worried- I can't get it done just by myself and I need you to help me…the email thing is quick - it's about 6 or 7 keystrokes and you're done from beginning to end - do that and let them hear how you feel."

The Governor added "I know they know that we're right about this - but they're scared - they're scared the special interests will go after them - the people who are receiving this money will go after them - we need to give them backup…I think we'll have a win on this one - and going forward you won't have to pay for people not being sick anymore."