Even though details about Gov. Chris Christie's 2016 announcement leaked late last week, there are still many intriguing questions about how today's event in Livingston will play out.

(Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Christie will end years of speculation by officially throwing his hat into the GOP ring at an 11 a.m. announcement in Livingston.

We are asking you to weigh in on some of the lingering questions and 'prop bets' ahead of today's announcement:

  • Will the event start on time at 11 a.m.?
  • What song will Christie come out on stage to?
  • How long will he speak for?
  • What will he identify as his biggest strength?
  • What New Jersey achievements will he highlight?
  • Will he take any shots at 2016 rivals?
  • Will any special guest introduce him or join him on stage?
  • How many times will Christie use, "Tell it like it is?"

We welcome you to answer our burning questions and tell us the ones you have leading into today's announcement.