Governor Chris Christie says he remains focused on an audit of the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey after a recent review of the agency found that over 100 top executives were making millions of dollars in extra payouts and bonuses.

Speaking at an education press conference in Secaucus, Christie said compensation for unused vacation, longevity bonuses and other perks under the leadership of former executive director Chris Ward are a disaster.

"This is another example of the secret deals he was making to reward his cronies."

He says there needs to be more transparency at the agency.

"I'm disgusted by the overspending and that's why he and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are pressing ahead with a full audit of the authority's finances."

A review by the Record of Bergen County found that some executives made more than $2 million in extra payouts over the last two fiscal years. Forty-four of the 100 made more than $10,000 extra each year.

"Especially in light of the fact that we had to, in order to keep these projects going, allow for a toll increase, that makes me even angrier and it should make the public angry and Governor Cuomo and I are going to fix it."