Tomorrow was supposed to be Vinnie Prieto’s first hearing as Assembly Budget Committee chairman. He wanted two of Governor Chris Christie’s cabinet chiefs to update the panel on the Administration’s Medicaid revision plan which is supposed to save $300 million in the current budget. Both cabinet chief wrote a letter in response to Prieto’s invitation. They essentially said, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

“This is an unfortunate start to my hope to work cooperatively with the Christie administration,” says Prieto. “All we were seeking was what the taxpayers expect - an update on where this plan stands and when, if ever, the state will start saving money without jeopardizing health care for working class families.”

Prieto adds, “The administration claims it’s premature to discuss this issue, but we’re more than halfway through the fiscal year. We still don’t know whether these savings are going to materialize nor do we know the administration’s backup plan.”

Because testimony on the Medicaid waiver was the only item on the agenda Prieto has cancelled tomorrow’s hearing.