Political football….no matter what side of the issue you’re on, it should make you wonder.

And give you pause to think: is this all being done for politics; or are both sides really being serious in staking a claim to their firmly held positions?

Not to be taken lightly, but on the surface nonetheless, are the rights of same sex couples to be guaranteed the same protections as heterosexual couples.

Which, if you were to listen to the Governor in his conditional veto, would be protected by creating “a strong ombudsman for civil unions to carry on New Jersey’s strong tradition of tolerance and fairness.”

Sounds like: “…it’s 4th and inches…maybe I’ll just punt and take my chances on a defensive stop.”

Or, there’s this quote from the Governor at a press conference this past week on wanting to put it to a vote on the November ballot.

"This issue that our state's exploring, whether or not to redefine hundreds of years of societal and religious traditions, should not be decided by 121 people in the statehouse in Trenton," "The institution of marriage is too serious to be treated like a political football."

But in effect, isn’t that what it’s become?

Throughout this whole debate, you need to ask yourself the following:

Are the Democrats really serious about wanting to see the passage of same sex marriage?

Or are they trying to “box in” and embarrass the Governor one way or another should he seek higher office?

Or still, is the Legislature trying to avoid the more pressing “bread and butter” issues of pension reform, property tax reform, education reform and the like?

Similarly, by the Governor wanting to either appoint an “ombudsman” to insure same sex couples have the same protections in civil unions that married couples now have, is he not dodging the issue with his eye on higher office?

Or perhaps, doing the same by offering to put the question of same sex marriage on the November ballot?

Again, at stake are the issues that thousands of same sex couples have in procuring the same legal protections as hetero couples.

Feeling a little used are we?

So with that comes the question and another Rossi Posse Poll:

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