So now that we’ve seen and heard both of New Jersey’s ‘Rock Star” politicians on the national stage, Governor Christie giving the keynote speech at the Republican National Convention, and Newark Mayor Cory Booker addressing the Democrats at their National Convention who do you think would win if they ran against each other in next year's Gubernatorial race. It could very well happen.


It seems a New Jersey Democratic county chairman said a week ago Friday that Newark Mayor Cory Booker told him he was mulling a gubernatorial run in 2013.


The chairman says Booker has reached out and will decide on a possible run by December. Can you imagine the race if these two “rock stars” ran against each other? This could be the “Super Bowl” of races with the winner being inaugurated just before the big game comes to the Garden state.


One has a fiery personality, the other runs into burning buildings. Both have been on Oprah, but you can see how much she really likes Booker. Both constantly find their way into the late night monologues. They even made a video together.


If such a gubernatorial race were to take place, who would you vote for? Do you trust that Governor Christie would concentrate on running the state or do you worry about his eye on a possible Presidential run in the near future? Big things usually happen for keynote speakers and he is giving one this week in Tampa. Would Booker be your guy or is there someone else you have in mind? Please take our poll